We specialise in various video services, including promotional videos, animation, drone videos, podcast material, and wedding videography. Our team brings professionalism and dedication to each project.
We offer a personalised consultation to understand your needs and preferences. Our services come with fixed packages tailored to different categories like weddings, promotional videos, commercial projects, sports coverage, events, and more. Contact us for detailed pricing information based on your requirements.
To book our services for your wedding, simply get in touch with us through our contact details. We’re here to discuss your needs and tailor our services to your special day.
Yes, we understand each event is unique, and we’re happy to tailor our services to meet your specific needs.
Although we are midlands based we do the majority of our work in Dublin but do serve the entirety of Ireland, ensuring your vision is brought to life no matter where you are. Let’s discuss.

Absolutely! You can explore our portfolio to see examples of our work on Vimeo and get a sense of our style and expertise by clicking here.

A promotional video can boost product or service exposure, revive interest in existing offerings, and enhance your brand identity. It’s a powerful tool that engages viewers and turns them into customers.
Our Animation & Whiteboard Animation service creates visually appealing videos that highlight your company’s offerings or ideas in a simple and effective manner.
Animated videos are a concise and impactful way to convey complex ideas or concepts. Whether you’re explaining a product, concept, or idea to a wide audience, animated videos keep viewers engaged and interested.
We believe in capturing love’s most profound commitment without being intrusive. Our focus is on preserving the essence of your day using natural light and cinematic techniques, creating timeless memories you can cherish forever.

We have two packages available: Premium and Deluxe. 

Our Premium Package includes the expertise of 2 videographers, and coverage from 3 cameras to record everything from the ceremonial preparation, to when the speeches are given by the family and wedding party.

Our Deluxe Package will give you access to the same resources and amount of videographers, but we would stay for a longer period time of throughout the event, ready to capture every important moment from preparations to the end of the first dance. 

In both packages, you will receive a 30-second teaser video or event introduction that can be used to post on all social media platforms. In addition to this, you will also receive a full wedding video, roughly between 45 minutes to an hour detailing your special day. Lastly, you will also receive drone footage giving a beautiful overview of your wedding venue and ambience.

You can call us at +353 85 106 8475 or email us at [email protected]. We’re always ready to answer your questions and discuss your video production needs.